Head to Toe Therapy, Inc. was established in 2010 and the mission/vision spread quickly.  Services are provided across the valley.  The primary location at 7th street and Missouri provides over 35,000 square feet of family-centered and child friendly therapeutic atmosphere.



Head to Toe Therapy, Inc. is committed to providing family-centered therapeutic care to medically fragile children that are living with complex medical and behavioral health needs. Head to Toe provides families with access to medical and behavioral professionals who understand the challenges and frustrations of coordinating appointments for specialized services. We have adopted a fully integrated model of care which means that our team of Superhero - Therapists work alongside other professional partners to ensure that your child surpasses his/her treatment goals.

We Understand.


Head to Toe was developed by Dr. Bridget O’Brien who is a Speech Pathologist and Psychologist. Bridget has directly served countless children and families through the education system. Bridget is the mother of a child that she adopted through the Arizona Department of Child Safety. Her daughter presented with multiple medical needs which required a tremendous amount of time, resources, and coordination on Bridget’s part. Bridget identified that the children’s system of care was in immediate need of an integrated network of medical, therapy, and behavioral specialty providers that focus on the complex needs of children living with disabilities.


Many of our professionals have raised children living with medical and behavioral needs.  Some of our expert therapists are siblings of medically fragile children.  A few of our professionals have even received therapeutic services through multiple systems of care.  We are your peers, partners, and community members.  Together we can enhance the resiliency of families and children!

Family and Community Enrichment

"When I brought my daughter to Head to Toe, I was scared...I did not know how to help her and I did not understand her diagnosis.  Now I know a lot about her because the therapists have helped me to understand more.  I feel like Head to Toe is our home and I have made some great friends here" (translated from Spanish)

Community Involvement


Head to Toe hosts multiple themed parties to celebrate life.  These celebrations promote an all inclusive community by providing a safe nurturing environment where families can enjoy eachother's company.  Celebrating individuality and success is important for our children and families!

Head to Toe is also actively engaged in the Maricopa County Preventive Health Collaborative (PHC).  The PHC focuses its efforts on the birth-5 years of age population in Maricopa county.  For more information please visit http://setforlifeaz.org/

Head to Toe also partnered with the PHC in an action learning team that focused on safely reducing the number of children entering into foster care by targeting the Glendale area through strengths-based method of prevention and empowerment.  For more information please visit http://www.communityallianceaz.com/glendale-strong-family-network.html

Parent/Caregiver Advisory Committee


Parents and Caregivers are the strongest advocates for their children.  We host quarterly Parent/Caregiver Advisory Committee meetings to discuss obstacles that parents are experiencing while navigating multiple systems of care.  We also discuss ways that Head to Toe can help bridge the gap between families and the services they need.  These meetings help us to provide services that are truly family-centered.

Head to Toe recently partnered with the Maricopa County Parent Ambassador Program which provides parent support and education with navigating the school system and enhancing parent advocacy skills.  For more information please visit https://www.maricopa.gov/2449/Parent-Ambassadors

Head to Toe has also collaborated with the City of Phoenix Housing Department to meet the diverse needs of community members residing in public housing. 


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